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What Is The “Longevity Pill” And What Does It Mean For Aging?

Haven’t you always wanted a pill that promotes a longer life?

Guide to Dialysis and Kidney Disease

Kidney disease is a very common ailment that affects large numbers of the elderly population. Learn everything you should know, including symptoms, treatment, cost and statistics.

Home And Health Tips For Seniors 2017

Here are some simple health habits you can start adapting to ensure that you get better as you age.

What Causes Pneumonia in the Elderly?

Contagious illness is a common cause of pneumonia in seniors, including the flu and others.

A Guide to Breast Cancer in Older Adults

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer found in elderly women. A woman has a one-in-eight chance of developing breast cancer over her lifetime, according to the National Cancer Institute. The older a woman is, the more likely it is she will be diagnosed with...

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Fact Sheet: Falls

Falls are a serious health issue among seniors, and they can occur during seemingly harmless day-to-day activities.

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